I was born in the Bay Area but most just call me an Arizona native. It’s funny how things happen in cycles. As kids, our bikes provided endless means of discovery and adventure. They then collect dust as we worry about cars, babes and a “social life”. I rediscovered my love for bikes out of necessity; riding to class made more sense than paying for University parking. I found a simple single speed and the next thing I know, Scott’s convinced me to ride a brakeless fixie (call it whatever you want) all over town, racing alleycats. I don’t care what you call it, fixed, road, cx, mtb, cruiser or hell, a tall bike, if it’s got two wheels I want to ride it and I want to ride it well. Riding bikes and submersing myself into cycling culture has blessed me with more opportunities than I can count and for that I am extremely grateful. So hey, let’s venture outside and cheers a beer afterwards. I’m also somehow never around whenever there’s a “team photo” being taken at a race. I don’t know why it happens, it just does.