Being an athlete in high school, I was used to being busy and fit.  After high school sports were over, I was pretty bored so I picked up my old 18 speed huffy mountain bike just to stay active and stay in shape.  It just so happened that my boss at the grocery store where I was working was an avid cyclist.  He invited me to go for a bike ride with him.  The first ride, I showed up on my huffy (with self added toe clips), tennis shoes, gym shorts, and a t-shirt.  On the first few rides, I was amazed that my older (he was probably in his early sixties) boss was riding faster than me.  Keep in mind that he was riding a new (at the time) OCLV Trek with Dura-ace.  Given my competitive nature, I was determined to keep up with the "old man" and was killing myself trying.  After a few weeks, I finally was able to keep up.  Then it was him that was amazed that I could keep up with him on my $50 bike and only 3 weeks of training.  That's when he recommended that I enter into a fundraiser bike race.  He offered to let me use his old Raleigh for the race.  I managed to win my age category in the race.....I was hooked.  Through college, I rode casually.  Later in college got heavy into mountain biking as well.  It wasn't until I moved to Arizona that I really started riding regularly.  I was laid off from my first job out of college so I decided to ride across the country solo.  When I returned from my trans-america ride, I was obviously pretty fit and started racing (2002).  I raced casually for a few years until 2006 when I hired a coach and start to take racing more seriously.  I've managed to move up from a CAT 4 to a CAT 1 over the past few years.  A few highlights of my cycling career are:  Trans-America solo (2002), 3 time State Criterium Champion (Cat 3-2007, Cat 2-2009, Cat 1-2010), Superweek Cat 3 overall winner (2007), 2 time Fixed State Crit Champion (2008 & 2009), Wolfpack Hustle Crash Race 1st Place Fixed (2011), Tour de Mesa 1st (2011), Multiple State Championships on the Track 2007-2010.