Since his early childhood years in his home country of Argentina, Hernan Montenegro's commitment and adoration to cycling is one to be admired. Through the experiences shared with his BMX bike at the young age of 11, Hernan found himself compelled to explore the world of cycling. He discovered fixed gear cycling after losing his car to an accident in 2006, ultimately sparking up his currently known reputation as a worldwide street racing legend. After continuous Alley Cat racing victories in Los Angeles and multiple cities across the country, Hernan quickly earned himself a popular name in the newly distinguished sport of fixed gear cycling. In 2009, he starred in the worldwide acclaimed independent film, To Live & Ride in LA, which centers on his talent as a street cyclist. When he's not working at his shop, Montenegro Manufacturing, repairing or making carbon fiber bicycles, he seeks for opportunities to ride his bikes; Road, Cyclocross, Track, BMX and Mountain bikes. Hernan is thankfully sponsored by State Bicycle Co, T-Level bags, MMFG and Leh Saddles.