It all started for me with the very first world famous daggers death race. I borrowed my dads road bike to compete and literally the next day I purchased my first fixed gear. After racing a bunch of local ally cats i decided to buy a road bike and get into that scene as well. I just recently bought a mountain bike so I plan on racing that sucker also! When i'm not on my bike I like to drift/race cars and study to be a male nurse. Huge thanks to State bikes for all the support over the years!

Daggers Death Race II, 1st place

Cyclo De Mayo fixed gear criterium in old town scottsdale, 1st place

PBR alley cat, 1st place

fixED alley cat, 1st place

Straight Outta Hipster Compton Alley Cat, 1st place

Turkey Trot Alley cat, 1st place

Daggers Death Race V, 1st place

Serious Business alley cat, 1st place

Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Race 2011, 2nd place fixed, 3rd overall

AZtrail alley cat, 2nd place

Macaframa video premier alley cat, 2nd place

Counsel Of Doom Alley cat, 2nd place

Race for the cure alley cat, 3rd place

Renegade roller girls alley cat, 3rd place

Kill Mill 3, 3rd place

Gold sprints charity event held at boulders on broadway, 3rd place