Myles Morales is a category 2 cyclist from Old Town, Arizona. He is one of seven kids from Sedona, Arizona. Myles started riding at the age of twenty down in the Dirty T – Tucson. Myles currently owns the “world record” for fixed gear at the 2013 South Mountain Time Trial. His favorite rides consist of any that have a KOM to steal although his favorite riding includes hanging on for dear life and crit racing. Myles is drawn to the fixed gear racing because of the glory and the four B’s – beets, bears, Battle Star Galactica, and babes. He has and will ride for only the best team on the planet – State Bicycle Co. His nicknames include My_Mo, Master Commander, Savior of the Universe, Buffalo, and Baby Legs.

If Myles could have any super power, he would have Admantium-plated bones with retractable claws and healing powers. Basically, he just wants to be Wolverine from X-Men. Myles’ says that Rocky, Robo-Cop, JCVD, and Rambo are his mid-life heros. His favorite food is a hearty burrito from Fiesta Burrito after a hard ride, that and an ice cold Coke. His favorite jam to climb to is “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins. Myles deals drugs – legally – as a pharmacy tech when he’s not on his bike… or taking care of his two dogs, Bird-Dog and Moose-Man.