From Phoenix, Arizona to Austin, Texas and all the way up to Portland, Oregon, Russ LaFleur has ridden and raced them all, (road, mtb, track and cyclocross I love them all). From weekly Crits, unsanctioned Alleycats to USA Crit Nationals and CrossVegas, I've raced Cascade Classic Road Race, Pace Bend RR, Tour of Austin, Tour de Tucson top 20 finisher (60 mile). Raced Wolfpack Hustle 3x with a top 15 finish (fixed) in each (I think), finished atop the podium for SB Co to qualify for Red Bull Ride and Style. Red Bull R'n'S Semi Round Qualifier. MASH anniversary alleycat finisher. Red Hook Navy Yard finals qualifier. (think I finished 30th) pulled in top 35 group. I have one of State Bicycle Co's raddest bikes "the Lafleur" named after me and this has been my greatest honor. I love my State family and each of my future bikes will have a similar paint scheme. Recently upgraded to Cat2 & my comfort level is racing Crits, Road Races and bombing through city streets along side other fixed racers. Newly adopted OBRA member as well as holding both USAC and UCI licenses. I've also been racing the track lately (on my undefeated) in Boise and Portland lately to go for my 2 upgrade by June. I've raced bmx from age 10-17 and raced for GT for 2 1/2years of that. Finishing 3rd and 2nd at Oklahoma Grand Nationals. Live by the motto "the bicycle has a soul, if you succeed to love it, it will give you emotions you will never forget" Mario Cipollini.