Im not quite sure I can remember life before bike racing. I started racing when I was 6 years-old at the local BMX track that was no more than a mile from my house. I quickly found myself moving into Mountain biking, road cycling, and cyclocross within two years. I was a kid who couldn't stand being inside or sitting still for more than a few minutes, so naturally I jumped on my bike every chance I could get. Over the next 14 years I became a Pro cyclist in both mountain bike and cyclocross with the addition of being a Cat-1 on the Road. I have been fortunate enough to become a 4 time USA National team member, 2x 24hr MTB National champion, and multi-time state champion. This all luckily has given me a wide range of cycling abilities from technical handling, to being able to suffer more than most. In result, I can be very competitive in many aspects of fixed competitions such as alley cats, freestyle, and fixed gear crit racing.

My claim to fame so far in my newest of cycling disciplines (fixed gear), was winner Lord of Griffith. I was blown away at the amazing atmosphere that surrounded the race, as well as how much people were there not just to race, but to truly enjoy riding their bikes with the people around them. It allowed me to take a step back and remember why I ride my bike. Something I really needed after 14 years of racing.

Favorite State Bicycle: Undefeated

Favorite State Bicycle Apparel: Riding Hoodie. (Its a jacket with riding pockets....SO SICK!!!!)

Favorite Race: Any State Bicycle alley cat or of course the Lord of Griffith!

Favorite riding place: Any Group ride where fun is had and people suffer!