Contender II - Silver
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Amazing ride!

I love this bike! It’s super responsive and quick and a great overall ride. I average 17 mph when cruising around and have topped out at 30 on a downhill stretch. Consider purchasing a different seat if you’re expecting being in the saddle longer then 20 minutes as the default one is not comfortable.

Contender 2 -Silver

Painting includes an air bubble.

Contender 2 -Silver

Painting includes an air bubble.

Excellent bike, my first ever fixie.

This is my first experience of a fixie after owning both mountain and road bikes. Always thought they sounded like a laugh and I can confirm they are. This bike has proper, racy geometry and accelerates like a bat outta hell. The steering is precise and predictable and it looks insanely cool. After changing the pedals I found that it's also nice and stiff whilst the steel frame absorbs road buzz and makes for a surprisingly comfy ride, even on 23C tyres. I found the gearing slightly tall for me, down to the fact I live in 'The Five Valleys', so I will change this in the future.

However you will notice I have not rated this 5 stars, here is why:

I would class my self as an experienced rider who is very knowledgeable on the subject of bikes and so I decided to assemble the bike my self, upon delivery. This all went according to plan but a few months later I felt a grinding in the headset. I opened it up to find that when the headset was assembled, they failed to grease the bearings at all! I'd like to reiterate that the headset, including the forks were fully assembled after delivery, therefore this happened though no fault of my own. Fortunately the quality of the bearings means that they are now feeling nice and smooth with the addition of grease.

Contender II

Overall I have been loving this bicycle. It's smooth and quick, comfortable and aggressive. The frame is awesome, which is I'm guessing what you're really paying for. Some of the other components are not as satisfactory. First thing, I've ridden only about 500-800 miles more or less, but I've noticed some creaking from the bottom bracket. I'm not a professional or hardcore rider, but even when I pedal hard there is a creak and it feels as though when I pedal-brake or skid, it does it again. I think the cartridge type bb is not great for hard riding and skidding. Will swap it and the crankset out at a later date. The only other thing is that I've noticed while working on the bike that there appears to be something (dirt bits maybe) that is inside the walls of the rim, so when I turn the rear wheel I can hear it falling around. I have yet to remove the tire to see if it's stuff that will just fall out or not. Doesn't affect riding, just a bit noisy. All in all, I love this bicycle and I love to ride, so it's been an absolute pleasure!

Contender II - Silver
Contend with the best of them

The 2016 Contender features premiere components start with a 520 Chrome-Moly Reynolds Steel bike frame, Carbon fiber fork, and SRAM100 track crank. The Contender makes for a road-dominating cruiser and the perfect canvas for any rider entering the competitive world of fixed gear/single-speed track racing.
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Customize your build

The Contender is the complete package: light weight, smooth to steer, and responsive. Upgraded parts and components include:  

  • Frame:  520 Chrome-Moly Reynolds Steel
  • Fork: Upgraded Carbon Fiber w/ aluminium steer tube
  • Crank: SRAM S100 Track Crank w/ Truvativ Powerspline bottom bracket
  • Headset: FSA Orbit
  • Wheelset:  43mm deep-v style wheels w/ smooth, sealed bearing hub
  • Saddle: Premium aerodynamic race saddle
  • Size:  6 frames to fit any height from 4'10 to 6'6 (55cm pictured)
  • Brakes:  Includes front & rear brakes
  • Pedals:  Includes alloy pedal w/ toe cages



Bicycle safety laws and regulations vary depending on location. In the United Kingdom, for example, bicycles must be equipped with a braking system operating on the front wheel in addition to the braking system for the back wheel, among other safety requirements. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself and comply with the laws and regulations that apply to the use of our products within a particular jurisdiction. By purchasing and using a State Bicycle Co. bike, you agree to comply with all applicable safety laws and regulations.

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