Off-Road Exploration Guide Vol. IV : Cyclo-Cross @ Northern Arizona Wilderness

Welcome to another edition of our Off-Road Exploration Guide!

Grab your vehicle of choice and come along with us across some of our favorite terrain in Northern Arizona. Don some knobby tires and tell your mother to get the laundry moving cause you're gonna get dirty. We chose our most versatile steed in the stable, the SS Cyclocross Warhawk. Our first stop is Rock Springs Cafe in Black Canyon City because you never ride on an empty stomach. We've got a long drive ahead and you're not gonna wanna fantasize about this pie. Revel in your newfound wisdom.

Nice work, Thomas.

Your mother would also be pleased to know that Jan will be taking care of you while you're here. Hospitality so warm, you're practically from her womb 

Jan has got the pie on lock but we had a problem with the urinal height.

Thomas had no problems.

Rainbow/location scouting

Prescott, Mingus Mountain, Jerome, and Sedona locations secured. With exploration prep finished, we visited our favorite Mexican gut-bust dojo; Elote in Sedona. Not enough photo here for associated feelings

 Rise and shine, Thomas!

Driving in on Mingus Mountain 

Sorry, trusted road vehicle. You stay here. Let's do this.

Something's gotta give

Jagged rocks brought on the inevitable; an abandoned house flat tire runway show featuring...


Thanks, Mingus Mountain. Where da mud at?

Thanks, Sedona. That's much better.

Thomas Keating and everyone at State Bicycle would like to take this time to address the importance of proper tire pressure, chain lubrication, and a protective paint job mud glaze for your new off-road vehicle. Below is an example of sufficient bicycle maintenance. Let's move on.

This was my first time to Horseshoe Bend just north of the Grand Canyon in Page, AZ. If this is your first time, bring a camera and wide lens. This bend in the Colorado River is massive! Choose your line wisely.

Again, please!

Thanks for coming along on our first cyclocross adventure! Sit tight cause we have another one coming right up. Now get out there and #EXPLOREYOURSTATE !

Left to Right: Rider, Thomas Keating; SBC Founder, Mehdi Farsi; Videographer, Saxon Richardson; Photographer, Jeffrey Olsen.


That's a braap, folks!


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