Reviewed: Flight-Weight Seat Post by Essor USA

Brand:     Essor USA
Product:  Flight-Weight Seat Post (Black)
Price:      $119.00 (w/ Free Shipping)
Shop:      Available in two colors: Black & Titan

Photo & Review by Justin Weeks

Upon opening up the package, I was greeted by a cloth bag containing the seat post. The bag was a nice touch and protected the seat post from scratching during shipping. So far, so good!

The Seat Post design is modern and stylish; making it quite easy to pair with all bikes on the market. Being CNC-machined aluminum, you know it'll be strong, stiff, and perfect for pushing every watt into the pedals. Aluminum tends to be harsh but over the last two weeks of riding with this flight-weight post, it has very much been just the opposite. It was forgiving and allowed for plenty of comfort on some of Tucson’s roughest and toughest roads.

I know from experience that install and setup can be a big pain with seat posts. Thankfully, this was another area where the Flight-Weight shined. It took not more than a few minutes to get the saddle positioned and securely locked down. I was determined to put this post to the test and tried to get the seat post to slip or slide back on the rails. After a dozen or so rides, varying from pothole-filled descents, rock-covered dirt roads, and super steep grades, it didn't move a single millimeter from where I originally set it.

Now, I can’t tell you that this seat post will make you faster or stronger but for the past two weeks since I've had it on, my power numbers are on average about 7-10 watts higher than before. It could be attributed to my long training rides finally paying off or it could be the Flight-weight’s power transfer. You will have to try it out to be the judge.

Design, weight, and functionality were the main factors I scrutinized. In the end, the Flight-Weight answers all the pertinent questions one should ask themselves when looking for a quality seat post. It’s super light for all the weight weenies out there, it looks awesome (admit it. that's important.), and functionally top-notch. The addition of rust-less titanium hardware, aside from saving a few grams, is another win in terms of durability.

The best seat post is the one that you can set once and never have to worry about it again. The Essor Flight-Weight Seat Post does it all in a super clean package; fitting even the highest end of bike builds.

 Justin Weeks can be found in Tucson, AZ riding and photographing anything and everything cycling-related. An occasional racer and full-time adventurer who is always on the hunt for a new road to climb and photograph. Follow his journey at @jweeeks


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